Textbook: “Western Art”

How might an art history textbook be arranged to suit the needs of a Classical curriculum? What works of art would be included in such a curricular resource, so that by studying such works, students would develop a genuine love of learning and appreciate the painters, sculptors, and patrons of the Western tradition? How might the interactive features of ebooks be utilized to make beautiful works of art come alive for students and make it easier to learn the background vocabulary needed to understand great works of art?

Thales Key Texts: Western Art utilizes new features available in ebooks to study art in an interactive and meaningfully way. Each image contains text boxes embedded into the image itself that, when tapped, explain relevant vocabulary words and important details about the painting. Every time students click on the appropriate text box, the image zooms in to explain that feature to students in a manner that literally opens up all the immense possibilities of a Classical education.

This textbook is available on the iBook Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/western-art/id1191635726?mt=11

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