Awesome Things My Wife Does #3

The mornings are both hectic and lonely. I wake up at the latest 5:30 (even then, I feel like I am running late), read the Bible and pound coffee, shower, and head out the door for a 35 minute commute for school. I try to be as quiet as I can to avoid waking up both my wife and my 18-month old son, Hunter. Rachel works from home and takes care of Hunter, and anything I can do to give her some extra sleep goes a long way. It’s a lonely push to head off to work.

So, how does my wife make this early morning routine just a little easier to bear? She mass produces breakfast sandwiches for me on Sunday afternoons. She lays out a half-dozen English muffins or bagels, scrambles a half-dozen eggs, prepares strips of cheddar cheese, and maybe sausage or ham if I have been extra good that week.

This goes a long way on our budget. Whenever I skip breakfast, I am much more likely to head to Bojangles or Chik-fil-A to eat there instead. $2-$4 a day for a meal adds up over the course of a week, and who knows about all the damage I’m doing to my body laying out greasy breakfast sandwiches on a regular basis. This is just one more awesome thing my wife does.

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  1. Linda Viser Lee says:

    It is such a wonderful thing to be appreciated. What a kind tribute to your wife! Reading your post, I could feel the loneliness of those early mornings, with all the challenges of the day ahead of you. Yet you are thankful for your many blessings. I think you’re pretty amazing yourself!


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