Awesome Things My Wife Does #3

The mornings are both hectic and lonely. I wake up at the latest 5:30 (even then, I feel like I am running late), read the Bible and pound coffee, shower, and head out the door for a 35 minute commute for school. I try to be as quiet as I can to avoid waking up both my wife and my 18-month old son, Hunter. Rachel works from home and takes care of Hunter, and anything I can do to give her some extra sleep goes a long way. It’s a lonely push to head off to work.

So, how does my wife make this early morning routine just a little easier to bear? She mass produces breakfast sandwiches for me on Sunday afternoons. She lays out a half-dozen English muffins or bagels, scrambles a half-dozen eggs, prepares strips of cheddar cheese, and maybe sausage or ham if I have been extra good that week.

This goes a long way on our budget. Whenever I skip breakfast, I am much more likely to head to Bojangles or Chik-fil-A to eat there instead. $2-$4 a day for a meal adds up over the course of a week, and who knows about all the damage I’m doing to my body laying out greasy breakfast sandwiches on a regular basis. This is just one more awesome thing my wife does.

Awesome Things My Wife Does #2

I am incredibly blessed to have an absolutely beautiful and incredibly thrifty wife, Rachel. To help our budget stretch a little bit each month, Rachel braves the wild and untamed reaches of Aldi Super Market near downtown Raleigh. Aldi is a discount grocery store that sells private label brands at a fraction of the cost of other grocery stores. But those great deals often come at a price of the comforts and frills of other grocery stores.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I love Aldi. I think it is the best grocery store and I absolutely love the people who work there. Any place I can get a bag of tortilla chips for $1.09 is a place where I want to shop. But I am a guy whose main criteria in life is a lot of red meat in my diet, rather than a pleasurable shopping experience.

But for a busy mom, Aldi can be a difficult place to shop in! You borrow a shopping cart for 25 cents, and only if you return the shopping cart may you get your quarter back. If you do not have a quarter, you do not have a shopping cart and you must carry a box of groceries around the store. Having lived through such scenarios I’ve felt like society is collapsed all around me and I am trying to get as many supplies as I can to survive.

Many people like to shop at a nicer grocery store with more perks, frills, and amenities, maybe even just grocery bags (Aldi charges you for them) but Rachel throws herself into the fray and shops for the best deals she possibly can. And that is just one more awesome thing my wife does.