Awesome Things My Wife Does #1


I am blessed to have one amazing wife, and the first of many such things she does that is in fact awesome is making candles to give out as Christmas presents this year. This is awesome because both Christmas presents and candles are insanely expensive, whereas making candles are cheap.

My wife took old mason jars, old salsa jars, and a variety of other old jars and sprayed a water-and-vinegar mixture on them, and then spray painted them silver. The water-and-vinegar solution created nice streaks in the paint, whereas the silver spray paint obscured the origin of the jars from the innermost recesses of our pantry.

Then, she bought paraffin to make her candles. There is a wide variety of options for candle wax, from bee’s wax to some bizarre kind of wax made from soy (maybe for vegans? They don’t want to even smell an animal product?), but Rachel used paraffin wax, which is the cheapest. You may want to use a double burner to melt the paraffin wax but, again my wife being thrifty and awesome, used a large glass measuring cup she placed in a pot of boiling water.

Once the wax is melted, set the wick inside the jar and pour the melted paraffin wax in all around. While Rachel did not mix in any scents or other aromas into this batch of candles, it is easy to buy them on Amazon and mix them at this stage. And, viola! We have a host of budget-friendly-Christmas gifts for my family. Much thanks to my amazing wife!

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