The Brave Little Owl (Children’s Story)

In Dappleberry Creek there lived an owl much braver than the rest. The trouble was, his parents never let him leave the nest! They lived in one very tall tree surrounded by willow-o-whirls, but Squish wanted to see the whole big wide world.

Squish could see the Wormhole from the edge of his nestroom, a rowdy swamp filled with muckhoppers and mushrooms. If Squish followed the creek with his blue owly eyes, he saw the Paddle-Tails’ Nest growing every day in size. At night he saw the Pearly Plains, with its grass tipped with tiny moons. It was all so pretty, and he wished he could see it all so soon!

One night, when he should have been asleep, little Squish looked over the edge and into the night he leaped. Little Squish flapped his wings and landed with a thud, on the banks of Dappleberry Creek all caked with mud.

“A hole filled with yummy worms, but so much mud I can barely squirm! There’s enough worms to last a year, but there’s no way I can stay here.”

Since Squish could not fly, he figured he should give sailing a try. Taking a leaf by its stem, Squish set off down the creek and around a bend. At last he saw the Paddle-Tails’ Nest arise, made up of trees of all different size. Squish tried to talk to them, but they were hard at work and had no time at all for such a little squirt. 

“What kind of birds have waffled tails and teeth like wooden rails? Even worse, these birds have no fun and no cheer. O no, there’s no way I can stay here.”

And with that, little Squish took a giant hop and until he reached the Pearly Plains, he did not stop! He saw a thousand moons upon the grass with his blue owly eyes, but they popped as soon as he touched them—much to his surprise!

“This grass looked like it was tipped with a moonbeam, but I guess things aren’t always what they seem! I know there’s nothing to fear, but I sure wish my parents were here.”

But since he was a baby owl and owls fly at night, his parents had never let him out of their sight. And so they took up their little Squish and on his fuzzy head gave him a big owly kiss.

“Now that I’ve seen the world outside the nest, I know that home is the very, very best!” the little Squish said and in his mother’s wings rested his fuzzy little head.


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