SLAM Interview

Winston Brady is a 2016 graduate of Southeastern Seminary. He now teaches American history, medieval literature, Latin, and logic at Thales Academy, and writes in his spare time. We were intrigued by some of the work he has submitted to SLAM, and we asked him to share his thoughts on literature and the classical tradition….

“La La Land” Review

A review of “La La Land.”

Bedtime at Monticello: One Act History Play

I love iambic pentameter and the history plays of William Shakespeare, and the manner in which Shakespeare draws out all of the meaning from a historical event and its significant for the people and nation of England. I would love to do something similar with American history, and wrote a short scene of what I can…

Book Review: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Change Your Family

This post originally appeared on the blog of Christ Covenant Church in Raleigh, NC. My wife and I have been attending this great church for the past 5 years. Much thanks to Nicholas Lingle for posting it! I often joke with others that while Paul David Tripp has only one note, it happens to be…