Dr. Strange Movie Review

Finally, Eastern mysticism has their hero. In the film, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Stephen Strange, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and narcissist, who must come to grips with his mortality after a career-ending accident. Having heard of a possible cure in Nepal, Dr. Strange sells everything he has and, perhaps not unlike Sam Harris or Steve Jobs, travels to Nepal in hopes of finding the cure he desperately needs to salvage his crushed ego.

The film excels in all the areas a superhero movie should excel in, with cool CGI effects for the weapons the hero conjure out of thin air and the worlds they can seemingly move at will. It has an interesting redemptive plot arc to the story, wherein Dr. Strange must give up his control over his own life and renounce his immense pride if he wants to wield the immensely greater power of like, spinning energy swords out of thin air and mind-punching a meager variety of villains. Lastly, Dr. Strange has an immensely satisfying ending where, in a Tantalus-esque moment, Dr. Strange tricks the god-like Dormammu into leaving earth alone because Strange is just too irritating and pesky to worth devouring an entire planet.

However, the plot is pretty razor-thin and has a number of holes in the motivations of its characters. Really, the villains have fish scales for eyes? Is that their great power? A villain who knows the shortcomings of the protagonists better than they know themselves tries to unleash a super villain from another dimension no one knows anything about, but is immensely powerful and could devour us at any moment.

Moreover, most super hero movies dangle the prospect of swinging from buildings like Spider Man; flying like Superman; or just being insanely rich like Batman. There is something odd in that the super power Dr. Strange wields is so closely tied to a religious belief system many people in America are already familiar with. This may be because the power Dr. Strange wields is something everyone could seemingly grasp for themselves, providing they did enough yoga.

Beyond that, Dr. Strange is a clean entertaining movie with solid special effects and a nicely-paced story line. Moreover, there is little to no bad language and no nudity (as far as I can remember). Enjoy!


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